60 minutes of custom-crafted studio time.

£50 towards prints.

1 delighted tween.

0  obligation.

And there’s my awkward, self-conscious 11-year-old, looking at the photos, and she says, ‘Wow, Mum, that’s me. I look amazing!
— - Mrs. Nicholas, mother of Abigail, age 11.

That totally geeky picture of you in year six? Let’s do better for your tween.

Parenting a tween is not for the faint of heart; nor is being one.

Being a tween is rough. And as parents, we sometimes feel helpless, wishing we could make things easier. And getting a good picture? Many parents stop trying.

You’re not alone.

That’s why I started my new project, Who I Am, portraits for tweens aimed at bringing who they are to the fore and creating beautiful portraits with their collaboration.

I want tweens to realize their true beauty so that they are confident in themselves before those difficult teen years. Imagine the impact a single beautiful image can do for your tweens self-image.


The difference from the boring school photo? I collaborate with your tween.

Maybe you’re thinking there’s no way your tween would go for it. But my process is different. I set up the shoot with their interests and particularities in mind. This approach yields lively photos that capture the particular beauty of your child, at this age, right now.

These photos celebrate. These portraits say, proudly, 'This is who I am.”

The session is free, with no obligation to buy, for the first 10 signups in May.

You’ll also get a £50 credit towards purchase of prints. Total value? £200

Photos like these, really striking photos of tweens in their element, can help boost self esteem. As parents, we know this is priceless.


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