My girls had a tween photoshoot a few weeks ago - the pictures are stunning! Alex was so professional, the girls clicked with him straight away, so they felt comfortable and relaxed. Such a great idea for children this age to know it's OK to just be themselves. - K Kusel


There’s something extraordinary about your child. An enigmatic smile, that elusive gleam in their eye that’s magic to behold. And it fills your heart with wonder and pride.

You’d give anything to catch that look! Because you know, all too fast, they’ll be grown and out the door.

And though you’ve tried, your smart phone just doesn't capture their unique personality.

Introducing the 'Who I Am' project

Exciting, fun portraits with a contemporary edge that showcase all that is great about your tween.

It's a wonderful way to celebrate their amazing uniqueness with an experience they'll enjoy and remember forever.

These unique portraits are created in a spirit of creative collaboration between myself and the kids I photograph.

We had an awesome experience with Alex and the ‘Who I Am’ project for my son. Alex was warm, thoughtful and put us at ease, and the images are simply stunning - a deep, emotional and illuminating insight into my son’s personality which we will always treasure. Thanks so much Alex - it’s very meaningful to us! - J Langridge

Emotion easily expressed.

It can be so hard to get great pictures of kids, so I make the experience a fun and relaxed one.

All children carry a powerful story within themselves. My talent is to help them to explore those stories and let them shine though in their portraits.

You'll mesmerized by this transformation, and at how engaged your child will be in the process.


Unique artwork of unique souls.

The 'Who I Am' project is a perfect way to preserve this special time in your child’s life.

Not babies anymore, but not yet young adults - they can switch between the two so quickly.

This window is only open for such a short time. Capturing this moment now, before the door closes on this chapter, means you'll be able to revisit these smiles anytime you wish.

It has long been acknowledge that pictures on display in a home help boost a child's idea of identity and create a sense of belonging. Each time they walk by the portrait, which is countless times a day, a message is sent... "You, my dear child, are important. You matter. You have a special place in this world. You are part of this thing called family and we love you.

Ready to light up your child's elusive genius?

I would like to offer a gift to you because I know how precious these moments are.

A FREE Who I Am photoshoot for your child worth £150 which also includes £50 to spend on your favourite pictures.

It would be great to hear what this photoshoot would mean for your child.

Please get in touch below and we can have an informal chat.

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