Once you've had your portrait experience with Muse, you'll no doubt be excited about the next step - deciding on how you're going to display your amazing portraits, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

We'll invite you back to the studio about a week or so after your shoot. You'll sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee in our famous retro mugs and relax while we show you your photographs in a bespoke slideshow set to appropriate music. Tissues will be on hand for the inevitable tears! We'll then go through the portraits one-by-one and select your favourites for framing. Using our specialist software we can guide you in your choices, so that you end up with the right sized portraits to compliment the walls of your home. Our framing software allows you to envisage exactly what your portrait will look like as a finished product.

Our expert display consultant will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you have beautiful portraits in your home that you'll always cherish.

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Wall Art

Creating beautiful memories of the whole family is the most important thing we can do. And when they’re presented in our stunning bespoke finishes, your family will treasure these keepsakes for generations to come. 


Expertly presented

Once you have chosen your favourite images from your photoshoot,  we'll work with you to find the perfect way for you to display them in your home.

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Consistently the most popular choice, a single beautiful image in a bespoke hand crafted frame as a statement work of art in your home. 


The amount you spend will be determined by the portraits that you wish to purchase.  Small framed gift prints are priced from £75, and bespoke wall art starts from £300. Most families spend around £450 on their portraits with us. Because we know you'll love all the portraits, we do have collections you can choose from which include a variety of framed portraits for the wall, plus smaller images perfect for gifting.