"The portraits are simply stunning - a deep, emotional and illuminating insight into my son’s personality which we will always treasure." J Langridge


All too soon your child will be all grown up and out the door.

This wondrous look on your child’s face. All those hours spent practicing the piano, or playing sport, all those dreams of becoming a writer, or a doctor, or a world-famous chef. You’re watching your child, this miracle being, unfold and find their place in the world. You know it won’t last. You know the moment is now. And it deserves a special testimony.


The Heritage Portrait

Classic, timeless black and white portraits with a contemporary edge.

Portraits filled with a depth of emotion that will be the key to a storybook of memories in years to come. Far more than a snapshot, it’s a collaborative, creative experience between myself and the children I photograph.

Why I’m offering these portraits

All children carry a powerful story within themselves. My talent is to help them to explore those stories and let them shine though in their portraits. It was the early 90's in South Africa when I first started my journey into photography. Learning all about the great photographers and building up my technical skills. From those earliest days I was drawn to photographing people. I've learnt that the instrument is not the camera, but the photographer. Being fascinated with people has given me compassion and that is the true key to a portrait. Now I have a son of my own (this portrait is myself and Asher when he was just a few weeks old), I have a deeper connection to what it means to be moved as a parent by those fleeting expressions that drift across the faces of our children.


Crafted Specifically For You

The result of our collaboration is a portrait that celebrates all that is exceptional about your child. Creamy tones of black and white allowing that enigmatic smile to shine though. Hand printed and lovingly framed by British artisans, these portraits are priceless works of art, unique to you.


Yesterday I viewed the photographs taken by Alex of my two teenage daughters. I cannot put into words how pleased I am with the results. The closest I can come to expressing how wonderful they are is just to say - They brought tears to my eyes. -Sarah Williams”


Much more than a snap shot

If you book a Heritage Portrait for your child, you will receive much more than excellent portrait photography: it will be an experience for you and your family to remember. Let’s create something unique together, that your family will cherish for years to come.

Ready to light up your child's elusive genius?
Get in touch using the form below for an informal chat about having a portrait of your child created. There is no charge for the portrait session itself (aside from a small holding deposit of £20), you only invest in the portraits you love. Portrait sittings are limited, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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Alex was amazing. So relaxed and calm. He took the time to talk to us to get the best of my young man, creating some amazingly intense photographs too that captured his essence. - E Angiolini