At the heart of every Muse portrait lies a simple promise. -
“To capture the essence of your family’s love today, so you can hold and treasure it forever.”

There are a million different reasons why you may want to have a portrait of your family or children crafted especially for you. The end result though is the same - portraits you can display in your home that show the love and pride you have for your family.

”Can't even tell you in words how incredibly talented Alex is. My girls thought they were top models that's how much fun he made it. We had the best experience ever and the photos are incredible and so pure” - D Moorer


Portraits are the keys to your memories.
To see the smile that makes you want to smile back..
Each family is unique and your portraits will be crafted to reflect that.
Having a portrait session for kids is a wonderful experience - Them being treated like a film star and allowed to shine with a brilliance that takes your breath away.

”Alex was amazing. So relaxed and calm. He took the time to talk to us to get the best of my young man, creating some amazingly intense photographs too that captured his essence.” - E Angiolini


A Special Offer…

I would love to invite you to experience Muse Portraits for yourself. During the month of July I’m offering child portrait sessions for £50 - these also include a framed gift portrait for you to keep.

If you’d like to know more about these sessions, please get in touch. We would be delighted to chat with you about available dates and give you information about our range of bespoke framed portrait offerings.

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