Welcome to Muse Portraits - A Bury St Edmunds Photography Studio

It’s only been five and half years since I moved into my new studio here near Bury St Edmunds. I guess I should take a little time just to say hi, and to share with you my lovely work space.

One of the real joys of my studio is that not only is it a wonderfully inspiring place to be creative, but I’m also blessed with an abundance of natural light. Photography is all about light and being able to harness that natural light means I’m able to create portraits that are infused with a wonderful softness and luminous glow.

I can’t believe it’s been so long since I first opened the door and set to work transforming a drab office with brown carpet tiles and magnolia walls into Muse Portraits. Everyone who comes into the studio remarks upon how lovely it is, so I’m dead chuffed all that effort (and many coats of white paint, oh so many coats) paid off. Now it’s a fantastic blank canvas on which to create portraits of children that take their parents breath away. I’ve also had the honour of being recognized at a national level for my photography with some exceptional awards.

Having a studio space to work in means that my clients don’t have to worry about the fickle British weather. Come rain or shine, wind or snow (well, maybe not the snow) their photo shoots will still go ahead.

It’s also a great place to be able to show off the finished portraits that I’ve created for families over the years. It’s kind of pointless to create amazing portraits and never displaying them. Like leaving a cake un-decorated or a symphony half written. So I love having the wall space to show clients the various ways that portraits can be framed. We can discuss ideas and I can give suggestions about what will work best in their homes. I’ve also got some lovely print collections that clients love as an accompaniment to framed portraits

I love my studio and I’m so grateful to all the wonderful clients I’ve had since I opened this new space. They have all helped me to create beautiful portraits and it’s been a real honour to welcome them here.

It would be my pleasure to invite you to come and experience Muse Portraits for yourself. Even if you just want to pop in and have a chat about some ideas for a portrait, I’d love to meet you.