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Maternity Photography

Feminine and soft maternity photography

For a few months now you’ve been proudly growing that beautiful little bump that holds your baby.

Falling pregnant is a wonder that can barely be expressed in words. From inception to the moment you hold that new life in your hands, is a journey of contrasting emotions. You’ve tried to explain the mix of joy and expectation, of anxiety and anticipation, but you can never find the right words. The truth is that words can’t really do the experience justice.
There’s something about the image of a glowing mum-to-be that says far more than words can. Maternity photography captures much of the emotion of that amazing journey to motherhood.
Multi award winning fine art professional photographer Alex Kilbee creates tasteful, relaxed and beautiful maternity portraits at his luxury bespoke studio in the Suffolk countryside.

‘What sets my photographs apart, is my ability to make you feel totally relaxed and involved in the creative process. The expert use of luminous, natural light gives my portraits a flattering warmth and intimacy.
The best time to have your maternity photography is between weeks 32 and 35 of your pregnancy.

To create your own set of wonderful memories with Alex’s organic and natural maternity photography please fill in the form below.




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